Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Save the Date - Norris Camp Outing to Photograph Spring Flowers

When: June 3rd - 4th

Where: Norris Camp

What: Photographing Spring Orchids

Who: Interested intrepid travelers and photographers

We have tentatively scheduled accommodations at the Norris Camp for up to 10 individuals (and as many tenters and campers who want to go).  Saturday, we will travel 300 miles north (six hours) and probably arrive in time for a late afternoon shoot.  If the weather cooperates we might try some night time photography, star trails, light painting etc.   The next morning, we will be out early to capture the golden hour light.  Our primary goal will be to photograph wild spring orchids such as: 

Showy Lady's Slipper (MN State Flower)
Greater and Lesser Yellow Lady's Slipper
Pink Lady's Slipper (Moccasin Flower, Stemless Lady's Slipper)
Picture Plants

It might be too late to capture Calypsos and Ram's Head Orchids but maybe we will luck out.   

Additional details will be discussed at the May 6th meeting. 


What to bring: 

Camera Gear:
  • camera
  • tripod,
  • remote trigger
  • extra memory cards and batteries
  • macro lens (flowers)
  • wide angle lens (landscape and night sky)
  • waterproof bag to protect camera
  • user manual
Other Gear:
  • waterproof/resistant jacket
  • waterproof/resistant pants
  • waterproof hiking boots for walking
  • water Bottle
  • headlamp/flashlight
  • snacks
  •  sun protection: lip balm, sunglasses
  • bug repellant, head net, bug shirt (Did I mention there might be mosquitoes, ticks and flies)
Bedding, pillow, towels, wash cloths, soap

Norris Camp Map

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