Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ancient Gathering

Two weeks ago Gene and I visited Crex Meadows.The gathering of Sandhill Crane's at sunset is unlike any other I have witnessed. It is a more subtle event than say snow geese which arrive  in massive clamorous flocks. Sandhill's arrive in a crescendoing ebb and flow of smaller groups of about 10-50 individuals. The scope and scale of the parade grows almost unnoticed until you scan the horizon and suddenly realize that the air and the fields below are filled with these most ancient birds.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I walked the Sand Creek trail in Frontenac State Park for the first time. This trail is also on the Mississippi flood plain. You see the same flora and fauna that is in Ft. Snelling State Park but with a few different features.  There is a board walk about 2 feet high that would leads you over a swamp and through a low flood if you go the right time of year.  The end of the trail is a fabulous sand beach.

While walking the trail one might think they were in Ft. Snelling, Cottonwood trees, nettles etc.  But it suddenly came to me what was the one thing that was really different from Ft. Snelling's flood plain along this peaceful path.  Silence.  No airplanes, no roar of the traffic on the highways or on the Mendota bridge, just Mother Nature’s bird sounds and the rustlings of vegetation.

Give this path a try and enjoy the silence.