Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winners of the 2015 FSSPCC Photo Contest!

1st – “Red-bellied Woodpecker” by Judy Collopy
2nd – “Pair of Geese” by Judy Collopy
3rd – “Stay in Line” Turkeys by Jim Johnson

1st – “Picnic Island” by Deb Johnson
2nd – “Leaf Drops” by Mark Lehr
3rd – “Deer Behind Willow” by Rose Shea

1st – “Flowers Near Park Office” by Krista Rittburg
2nd – “Path Near Pike Island Bridge” by Krista Rittburg
3rd – “Summer Landing” by Mark Lehr

1st – “Refleckshuns” by Mark Lehr

1st – “Barred Owl in Moonlight” by Mary Dreher
2nd – “Eagles at Sunset” by Mary Dreher
3rd – “Sundown Buck” by Mary Dreher

1st – “Red-bellied Woodpecker” by Judy Collopy
2nd – “Eagles at Sunset” by Mary Dreher
3rd – “Fawn Hiding” by Pat Wolinky

Deer Behind Willow - Rose Shea

Picnic Island - Deb Johnson

Flowers Near Park Office - Christa Rittberg

Path Near Pike Island Bridge - Christa Rittberg

Fawn Hiding - Pat Wolesky

 'Stay in Line' Turkeys - Jim Johnson

Sundown Buck - Mary Dreher

Eagles at Sunset - Mary Dreher

Barred Owl in Moonlight - Mary Dreher

Red-Bellied Woodpecker - Judy Collopy

Pair of Geese - Judy Collopy

Refleckshuns - Mark Lehr

Summer Landing - Mark Lehr

Leaf Drops - Mark Lehr