Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some ideas for education and sharing

One of my interests is developing educational resources for Mpls/St. Paul K-12 schools. A few possibilities that I would like to consider developing with the help of other club members include:

  • Sharing links to Camera Club member sites, photo collections etc. on the FSSP Camera Club web site.
  • Supporting/Organizing/offering guided field tips for students/classes to explore wildlife in the park.
  • Collecting stories and photos from all members of the club to create a collaborative presentation of the park and its wildlife. Possible media might include a book or video/slide show.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Expand the FSSP Photo Contest?

To encourage broad participation we might want to consider expanding the photo contest to recognize additional types or categories of photographers (professional/students, etc.). Any comments or concerns?

This blog and other collaborative tools

All club members are welcome to use this test blog for commenting or they may contact Endel directly with any ideas or concerns as we explore collaborative tools and address common interests.
Does anyone else want access to administering the blog or posting or editing content ?