Friday, May 15, 2015

Lens Prose opening party - possible FSSPCC speakers, Art-a-Whirl, etc

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Subject: RE: Invitation to Lens Prose Gallery/Studio Opening Party
I went to the Lens Prose Gallery opening party.  Many other galleries were open earlier, so I visited them too.  The Northrop King Building is a 4 story building with many spaces for various kinds of artists.  Many are photographers.
I didn't see anyone else from FSSPCC.  Met Cynthia Fleury, one of the partners in this gallery and an interesting visitor.  Cynthia and partners had some very nice photos on display, and a slide show of others.  One of the partners was displaying some striking paneled mountings.  Cynthia had several striking photos plus some of her infrared work.  I did some infrared film work back when we had to do math by rubbing two sticks together, so I asked her about her equipment.  She had had one of her DSLRs modified by removing its infrared blocking filter to make it much more sensitive to infrared.  Modification isn't necessary, but improves infrared performance.  She has an IR album on her website
Cynthia might give an interesting FSSPCC talk sometime on digital infrared photography.  Look at her IR gallery on her site.
The visitor I met was Jeff Adrian, President of the Minnetonka Camera Club.  He has a tale of reviving and revitalizing that club after it nearly folded.  Al Pike is a member.  FSSPCC doesn't need revitalizing, but Jeff's approach to stimulate and develop member interests might make a good FSSPCC presentation.
The Icebox Gallery a few doors away features a "Road Trip Photography Workshop" to a nearby area of SD.  The gallery had very good photos of plain folk and simple properties looking very much like the painting, "American Gothic", by Grant Wood but on the plains.  The site is not as striking.  I didn't see any "Bathtub Marys" or "yard butts" and Howard Christopherson didn't even know what those are!  :-)   Howard said he'd be glad to do a talk about his road trips and show his photos for FSSPCC sometime.  Best soon in case some want to go on his July 23rd road trip.    The photos are quite good... some are here    <>
.All these places will be open during Art-A-Whirl Fri-Sun, May 15,16, and17.  There's a free directory.  This is a big event!  I'd recommend planning to sample a few things!

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