Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last week when the snow was gone and it was still cold outside I decided to give Mother Nature a hint to WARM UP!  I put up this flag for encouragement.  If you look at the background (more snow) you can tell it didn't work.

Today I was down at the park and was looking for signs of Spring.  Most of the ice was off the lake and there were a number of water foul on the lake, wood duck, grebes, and loons.  I miss the swans all ready but I know they will be back next year.  I hate to see them go but I am also glad they are gone, Spring must be coming soon.

Besides the birds I saw this little guy in the water.  I'm not sure but I think it is a dragonfly larva, I will try to find out.  They may be there all winter but I didn't have to drill a hole in the ice to see them.

But the best sign of Spring I found on my own back porch. (That's a fly!)

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