Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Second Time Around

On Monday evening, 12-6, we found my favorite buck, Dark, tending a doe. Two other bucks were hanging in the area and Dark was running back and forth keeping them at bay. Unbelievably, their behavior certainly indicated that at least one doe did not breed in Nov. This buck was injured early in Nov. and was not a major player during the rut, but he was putting on the show that evening. DD


  1. Is all this snow going to be hard on the deer in park?

  2. A little over a week ago I saw Prince tending to a doe close to the visitor center.

  3. I saw a couple of dozen deer in the picnic island parking areas accepting handouts today. Park deer have the benefits of good snow removal on the roads and ski trail grooming. As awesome as it is to watch them bound through the deeper snow it must take more out of them while foraging for scarcer nutritional resources becomes more difficult.