Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Bucks of Pike Island


I've spent several mornings down on Pike Island photographing the deer rut and thought you might like to see some of the shots I've gotten.

The deer were active for the last few weeks, but I've not been in the park for the last several days so don't know if the rut is ending yet or not. Probably will be soon, if not already. Sometimes there is a brief uptick in activity in December as the last of the does come into estrus, but with the high buck to doe ratio on the island and in the park, I doubt any does are not bred at this point.

See the photos on my website at

Once I found an area where the deer were active (they tended to cluster in different areas of the island each day), I'd just sit down and watch the activity swirl around me. The behavior was fascinating to watch.



  1. Thanks for sharing these. The Dreher's also have great photos and a video of two bucks in combat.
    Among club members we have much top notch material on this herd!

  2. Phenominal pictures. What's your secret for focusing? Mine always start out in focus but they don't translate to the screen or output that way :)