Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 40 Nature Photos - Jim Brandenburg honored

The linked/referenced photos are indeed images to behold and ponder. For more background please see the following Mpls Star Tribune article

Jim Brandenburg's photos can be seen on his blog.

All top 40 nature photographs (of all time) can be seen here.


  1. Jim Brandenburg will keynote the summer conference of the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals on June 17. His presentation, Chased by the Light, will share his experience of creative and personal renewal and introduce the Courage & Light program to an audience of some 300 middle school and secondary school principals.

  2. From a 1/2/2012 Star Tribune article entitled Apps take e-books beyond mere reading:

    "Made for images: Minnesota photographer Jim Brandenburg turned his award-winning 1998 book, "Chased by the Light," into an app. It contains the original images of northern Minnesota, additional photos from the revised softcover edition, "After the Storm," and 17 video clips from the documentary about the book.

    "Each of the video clips are positioned right on that image," said Heidi Brandenburg, the photographer's daughter and manager. "So as you look at it, Jim is talking about why he chose that subject and what he was thinking."

    You can also toggle from an original image to a photo of the same place, taken since the BWCA blowdown. "This is our very first app, but it won't be our last," Brandenburg said. "For photography, it's just unbelievable. It gives a whole new life to the images."