Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flood or no Flood

Most of the animals may be temporarily disrupted from their usual habits due to flooding, but the eagles at Black Dog Road continue their nesting activities.


  1. This sighting is eligible for entry in the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) database. If you would like the data entered for you, you may contact Endel Kallas about the exact location and date of the sighting/photo. Note: it is eligible because the Evidence Code (CN - Bird seen carrying nesting material such as sticks, grass, mud, cobwebs, etc.) belongs to the "Confirmed" categroy and can be entered outside of the "Safe Dates" - for further explanation contact Endel)

  2. I have entered this data in the BBA. It may be the earliest eagle breeding activity reporting so far this year. I believe that as "citizen scientists", we (club members) have a role to play observing and recording data, visual and otherwise.